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EXO’s Sehun: When it’s the morning after your first time


SURPRISE. Oh, and slight warning: may contain pg-13 content? Maybe… anyways enjoy!



You began to stir in your sleep, the morning sun shining through an opening in your window curtains. Your eyes slowly opened, adjusting to the light welcoming itself in the room.

You yawned before grabbing the sheets again and covering your head. You felt yourself falling back asleep when you heard a quiet snore beside you. Wait. You sat up quickly and your eyes widened when you felt a cool breeze against your body.

What… You weren’t wearing clothes. Why weren’t you wearing clothes?! You grabbed the blankets and held them to your chest, your face burning with embarrassment.

Oh shit, you thought. It wasn’t a dream… You looked over to the left side of the bed. His light brown colored hair stuck out from the covers.

“Oh my god.” Your eyes widened as you lowered the covers slightly showing his bare shoulders. Was he shirtless?

You lowered them again, showing part of his back this time. Were those scratches? The memories starting flowing and you found yourself struggling to maintain a calm composure. So it was real… You and your best friend, the guy you’ve loved more than best friend forever… you and Oh Sehun-

"How much more of the blanket are you going to remove, _____?" 

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Happy 3rd birthday Chelsea and Jesper~


When the skies and the grounds were one of derps
through their divine twelve idiots
nurtured the urges of the fangulls
An eye of red force created the Evilsoo
who covered the heart of Exo’s family life
and the heart slowly grew dry
To attempt to keep alive…

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